Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tips On How To Enjoy Life #2

#7 Try to help poor people
One of the greatest joys in life is to give, especially to the people who are really in need of something that they cannot get by themselves. In this way you can realize what difficulties are they facing, on what things do they need money/personal support. Imagine how happy they’d be if you give them what they need, if you help them. 

#8 Read books
It’s very helpful to pass free time and also to increase your knowledge. Start searching on the books that can uplift your energy or inspire you to do something you always imagined yourself doing. Reading books also helps on improving your visualization and imagination.  

#9 Start listening to a new genre of music
You need to fully change your playlist! Listening to a whole new type of music will get you in another world and the pleasure of discovering it will be you inspirational charge. 

#10 Learn to play an instrument! 
Is there any instrument that you always wanted to play but never had the time to learn how to do it? If you already have a favorite one then start searching for classes that you can take to learn how to play it. It will be a whole new thing to do and you will meet new people who love the same thing that you love, which is music and the passion + the joy of playing it. 

#11 Meditation 
Practice meditation everyday! It is often recommended to meditate in the morning, on the first 30 minutes after you wake up. Your meditation can include gratitude for the things that you already have and the things that are coming to you. Imagine yourself happy achieving what you want, feel the joy of it and prepare yourself for the day ahead of you. 

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