Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tips On How To Enjoy Life

#1 Fall into happiness
This means you work towards happiness. Your beliefs and behavior need to be in sync. What you feel on the inside needs to match what you show on the outside; meaning that you can't live a lie. You need to be genuine. Keep a list of the things you are willing to do towards achieving happiness and cross off at least one thing a day.

#2 Notice the big change
As you move in the direction of what you desire, you become happier. Our lives are never in total balance, but the more in balance you can be, the better. If you start doing the things that you always wanted to do, you will find happiness in everything, because the universe is shaping exactly the way you wanted it to be.

#3 Self care
Take care of yourself. Sometimes it takes fear to motivate us. Like if a person gets sick, they start to eat healthier. The same thing is going on with you. You are not in a good mood right now and you need to change! That’s the only thing big enough that can inspire you! If you can imagine yourself happy and far away from those bad feeling you’re having, then sure you can achieve it!

#4 Gratitude!
Appreciate what you have, whatever that is, money, looks, health, etc. and the things around you family, friends, nature, etc. Find gratefulness even in bad times, because that’s the main thing that allows for a shift towards happiness.

#5 Entertain yourself!
Always find time to play and look for fun things to do. Playing keeps us in great harmony with the universe around us, also it transmits a very positive energy, a show, a broadcast to the universe that says that I’m playing, I’m enjoying my life to the fullest! I have managed to put away for a while all the negative things in my life so I can be happy!

#6 Make lots of friends
You can receive a lot of positive energy from people all around you, but you need to be with them, talk to them as much as you can so you can share your stories with each-other. You will start noticing the same interests that you have; very soon you will become good friends and you will start doing fun things together. And of course, be there if anything good or bad happens to each one of you. 

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