Monday, December 24, 2012


The traditional way of celebrating Christmas is by spending the day with your family, opening gifts and watching those all-time-favorite movies with your loved ones. you can totally sign up to that but here are some new interesting activities you can do throughout the day: 

  • If the weather is fine, go for a pleasant walk in the countryside. While everyone else is busy stuffing their faces to excess, enjoy the peace and tranquility at your disposal.
  • Admire the beauty of nature. Or, if you're a keen driver, take full advantage of the empty roads, and burn some rubber.
  • You can call up your friend and talk to them. Bring up the best memories you have with each-other and be grateful for the beautiful relationship that has been given to you. 
  • You can go to a hospital and be kind. You could even bring some small gifts to the hospitalized patients, just so they can feel the warmth and the beauty of this wonderful holiday. 
  • You could always spend some time volunteering at your local soup kitchen. That is a place that is always in need of help so it's one of the best ways to make this day productive. 
  • Drink hot chocolate! Chocolate will never let you down during all the winter days, especially during this one. Probably that's because you can find it everywhere, almost in every store, making it very reachable. 
  • There's also the option of the great outdoors, ice skating if it's cold enough, sledding if you're having a white Christmas, or maybe even hiking. 
  • You can throw a Christmas party at your own house, where you can invite all your relatives for dinner. You  might enjoy playing and singing together Christmas songs while opening the gifts that you brought for each-other. 
  • You might also like to attend Christmas mass or prayer service at a local church. They usually organize very beautiful ceremonies/rituals. 

Hope you have a very beautiful Christmas day and I wish with all my heart Merry Christmas everybody, may you enjoy every moment of this amazing day :) 

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