Friday, December 28, 2012

Work To Live And Do Not Live To Work

You may not have your dream job, but that isn`t a valid excuse to perform your current job responsibilities poorly. Even if you aren`t totally fulfilled by what you`re doing, try to take pride in your work. When work is a grind, not only does it not energize you, you also have to dig into your energy reserves to get the job done. That means you go home feeling exhausted  and defeated. So if you’re not very enthusiastic about your job, here are some tips that might help you on building some love:

Why are you working?
Most of the time, our work is compensated with money, so we can use them to fulfill our lives basic needs, f.e. food, water, clothes etc. Or maybe we’re working extra hours to make some extra money, so we can go on vacation or buy something that we really want to have. Think of these reasons regularly! Don’t lose track of those thoughts! Every time you feel like you’re wasting your life working and that you are missing so many things from the outside world, think of the reasons you are doing it! What do you gain from it? Is it helping you building your life? Is it fulfilling your basic needs? Are you proud of it? Continually ask yourself these questions!

Be grateful for all the things that you gained by working in the job that you have and the many experiences that you had in it! Even though you hate your job so much, can you find something that you can be grateful for, something good your job has given you? Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be working there!

Improve your workspace
There is a place in your work area that you spend a lot of time in. Make it beautiful! Put gratitude and positive stickers everywhere to remind you that you are working because you love life, and you want to live your life with joy and love, not sorrow and depression. You can place some plants or flowers around, or even small pictures of your family and friends to make you feel that your folks will always be there for you in case you need them. Make your workplace an area that energizes you and keeps you happy!

Get involved
There is always more to your job that you know, and I bet you can find something interesting if you start studying what you’re really working for. See how others manage to do their work, ask them what do they find attractive about it.

Have a break far from your workplace
If you have your lunch break right where you work, you'll feel there's no boundary between your private and professional lives. You need to get your mind as far as you can from your work, because that’s what the break is about, forgetting your work and try relax a little bit, eat something, gain some energy and empower yourself.

Be kind to your co-workers
Being social not only makes life more pleasant, but it also can improve your work profile. You are in the same position with the other ones that are working near you. Everyone is fighting the same battle! There is no need to be rude to them when you can be their inspiration.

You have finite work hours!
You are not going to work forever! The least you can do is to find a way to refrain from self-destructive behavior at least until you`re off the clock. You’re going home after all, have a nice late lunch or dinner and use your free time to entertain yourself!

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