Tuesday, November 27, 2012


1. Hang around with positive people! – These people are the ones who make your life beautiful, in other words, the ones that make you happy.

2. Devote yourself to positive quotes/images/videos every day! – There are a lot of positive images or videos and even more positive quotes on the internet, so take around 20 minutes from your every day routine and check them up.

3. Get rid of the negative thinking as soon as possible! – At that very moment that you find yourself thinking in a negative way, you change it! Think of a positive thing instead or find something you’re grateful for in your life.

4. Be kind to people! – This is the most important yet difficult to achieve. But always remember that everyone is fighting a had battle, so the least you can do is to be kind to them. By living your positive way of life you show them what they’re missing.  

5. Find beauty in everything! – Everything around us is a miracle. We, ourselves, are a miracle. So treat everybody else as a miracle and you’ll notice that soon everything will change for good.  

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