Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Key 1Be happy to see people - Always think that you can get something positive from everybody. In that way you will always be interested in meeting new people and also be grateful for the ones you already have in your life. 

Key 2: Actively research the other person's interests - Be interested on the way others think, behave or on what they want in life. In this way you can understand them more quickly and support them on everything they want to get. 

Key 3: If you know you're wrong, admit it - Don't push things, ever. 

Key 4: Never neglect a kindness - Always be grateful of what you get. Gratitude has a very positive comeback so in this case, you never know what's going to happen. 

Key 5: Think always in terms of the other person's point of view - By doing this you get yourself in the same thinking-frequency the other person is. You will start noticing the things you have in common and your related interests. 

Key 6: Every person you meet feels themselves superior to you in some way - Let them have it all! You know for sure where you stand and the capability you have, so let them be whatever they want to be in front of you. 

Key 7: Treat people as though they had the virtues you wished they possessed - In this case, try to imagine them as perfect as you want them to be. Soon, they will reflect little by little all those little things you wanted them to have. 

And the most important key of them all, Key 8:  BE YOURSELF

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