Friday, December 21, 2012


What do you consider positive?
Allow only that which is good into your life. No one can depress you, no one can make you anxious, no one can hurt your feelings, no one can make you anything other than what you allow inside. Walk with strength knowing you are the perfect creator of your own divine life. Life is truly beautiful, allow the beauty of life shine in all corners of the world you are creating for self.

Love, of course! 
Life is about love. Being that fear is poison, love is the antidote for life is all about love. Not the erotic or romantic love that movies and songs focus upon, but unconditional love. Love is what enables people to perform miracles. Your greatest responsibility to yourself is to invest the whatever time is required to become absolutely clear about exactly what it is you want, and how you can best achieve it.

Let go of fault
First, fault is found with this thing, then with that, and finally with everything. The person becomes a chronic "nagger" – a burden to friends and relatives, and a thing to be avoided by outsiders. Fault brings a lot of similar emotions with  itself, it’s like a seed that keeps growing and growing, until it reaches a level that you can’t control anymore. What’s the way to get rid of it? Simply do not plant it in your mind!

Happiness as the only goal
An important observation from Aristotle was his conclusion that the ultimate purpose of all human action is the achievement of happiness. Whatever you do, it is aimed at increasing your happiness in some way. You may or may not be successful in achieving happiness, but your happiness is always your ultimate aim!

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