Monday, December 10, 2012


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I hope this tips can help you create that Christmas spirit we've been waiting all year to feel.  Switch on the festive lightning! Let’s start: 

1) Add color! – Shades of red, yellow, light shades of brown and even some deep green can be composed to decorate your furniture or whatever you want to decorate with tablecloths or other Christmas decorations. Using these colors gives a very cozy feeling to your living space. In addition, guests can experience the true warmth of your hospitality when they arrive at your house.

2) Light candles! – You can place some candles around your living environment, f.e. on your dining table, above your fireplace, or even in a place where you spend a lot of time when you’re home. Candles are a magical way to get into the Christmas spirit, but make sure you extinguish all candles before you go to bed! You can use aromatic candles too. In this way, not only you see their light and feel their warmth but also smell their senses.

3) Decorate your kitchen – The kitchen is the heart of the home and never is that more true than when Christmas comes around. Your kitchen is the focal point of the house, and it will especially be if you’re having friends over. Whether its turkey, goose or beef, Christmas dinner is the highlight of any festive celebration and ensuring your kitchen is up to the job can save you time, energy, money and stress.

4) Christmas corner – Create a corner in your office or in a place you spend a lot of time working, which can represent the entire Christmas spirit! You can put a small Christmas tree there, some fake present boxes wrapped with decorated paper, or even some small festive lights. 

5) Christmas entertainment – Songs and movies! Everything should be about Christmas! You can rent some Christmas time movies and watch them with your family or you can find a full list of Christmas songs to play now and then.

6) Gifts! - Buy gifts you love in bulk and give them to as many people on your list as possible. Gift cards are your best bet.

7) Don’t forget the next holiday! – The New Year’s Day! We want 2013 to find us prepared for it! When each major holiday ends, prepare yourself for the next holiday. These two holidays are connected to each-other so basically you can use every decoration you put for Christmas also for the New Year’s Day. Buy some fireworks, so you can light them up when the countdown hits 0 to celebrate the new year. I’d recommend those small ones you can keep in your hand while they produce sparkles :)

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